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Writer Wednesday: Timeless Sojourn by Jamie Salisbury

Finding that Well-Rounded Heroine

I try to make my heroine’s real. Someone the reader can relate to, someone they might actually know in real life. I like them to be smart, but at the same time vulnerable to the unknown. This makes them have a strong character (at least in my books) which they can draw upon to achieve whatever the novel they’re in requires.

In the case of Anne Harrison in Timeless Sojourn, it was rather easy. She is a mature woman, one who’d be an “empty nester” is she had children, and finds herself divorced at a time when she should be enjoying her life. With Anne I added some twists. Her ex-husband is unpredictable in his obligations and she finds herself in dire straights financially. She is a strong woman, but has been beat down and it takes her removing herself from her old life and starting over for her to regain her confidence. I think most women can relate to her and her trials and tribulations, because most of us have been through at least some of what she has to deal with.

While I don’t like my heroine to be bitchy to the point that she’s irritating or over the top, they usually have just enough, adding some sarcasm to make her likable. Like a friend. With Anne, she finds that Geoffrey brings out that quality in her, leaving her confused as to her feelings for him. It allows them to stand up for themselves while not seeming too serious.

Anne is also resourceful and realizes she has to “crawl before she can walk” and falls back on her previous experience to work, while she “dusts off” things she is really good at and wants to pursue.

In the case of Timeless Sojourn it will be a matter of character development for both lead characters – seeing how Anne goes from what I mentioned above to a savvy, strong, in charge businesswoman, who will take no crap off anyone. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jamie Salisbury cannot imagine a time when she did not write. A skill that has served her well throughout her professional career. Public relations in and around the entertainment industry, photography, editing, and special event planning all elevated her passion for writing.

An avid reader of histories, biographies, and romance, it's only natural that part of the products of her pen are historical romances featuring characters so authentic they spring forth from the page and shake the reader's hand. Many of her teen years were spent in Chile, but she and her family were forced out of the country when the political climate demanded it.

Taking the plunge to take her writing professional came as a result of a series of foot surgeries that left her with a lot of time on her hands. Unable to walk great distances at the time, she started writing as a way to pass the time. Her experiences of how dramatically her life had changed at first. Then the new world of e-publishing inspired her to digitally publish her first novel, Perpetual Love, rather than relegate it to the dreaded drawer. She couldn't be happier with her decision to grab the publishing industry by the shoulders and force it to pay attention to all she has to offer.

Two more novels have followed: Blood Lust and Tudor Rose, with more to follow soon.
Jamie now lives outside of Atlanta, but the love for travel has never abandoned her. Adventure, exploration, and intrigue permeate her prose to the core.

In those few moments of the day when she's not writing or thinking about writing, she finds knitting a way to relax and unwind. Other interests include photography, equestrianism, reading, and of course traveling.

Jamie hopes her writing will entertain, enlighten, and inspire others to pick up the pen and pursue their own dreams. She loves to be contacted by readers, writers, and history buffs. 

Twitter:  @JamieRSalisbury

Timeless Sojourn
by Jamie Salisbury


Recently divorced at a time when most women are enjoying their children being grown, Anne Harrison finds her life in chaos. At the urging of her forever-friend Kat, Anne moves back to Seattle, her childhood home, to get back her former confidence and make a fresh start. 

Confident, creative, and a successful businessman, Geoffrey Quinn has depths not immediately apparent to those who come into contact with that cocky, devilishly handsome exterior.  

The last thing either is looking for is a relationship. Anne finds Geoff highly irritating (and young!) at best, while Geoffrey finds her magnetic and wise. To his amusement, she futilely attempts to dismiss him each time they cross paths, and sparks fly.

Watch as this seemingly unsuitable, disparate duo lights a fiery, compelling attraction neither sees coming. But who will get burned?

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Geoff was right--once we returned to Seattle it was almost a week before I heard from him. When he did call it was merely to check in and see what I was up to. His new project he said would consume him for the next couple of weeks until he was ready to begin his mockup. I took that as a hint to drop by his studio/gallery. Geoff’s studio/gallery was in the same building as Tom’s PR firm so Friday afternoon I decided to pay Geoff a visit.

I walked inside his gallery and found him walking through the space. He looked like a deer in the headlights. He looked up, saw me and walked toward me shaking his head.

“I hope you don’t mind,” I started, seeing he was shaking his head and had somewhat of a scowl on his face. “I wasn’t busy and thought I’d pop in and check on you.”

“No, please Anne, feel free to stop in anytime,” he replied was he walked up to me and placed his hands on my shoulders as he kissed me. “I just realized that my gallery party is scheduled for tomorrow evening and I haven’t done a thing to prepare for it. I’ve been so busy with this new piece I completely lost track of time.”

“Come on, let’s go sit down. You can tell me what you needs done and I’ll help you.”

“I can’t possibly ask you to do that.”

“You can and you will. Now let’s make a list of what needs to be done.”

He led me by the hand towards a desk in a corner of his gallery. I sat in the chair placed next to the desk as he sat behind it looking for paper and a pen. We went over a list of guests who would definitely be coming and then on to what he wanted to serve. I got my phone out and began to call Kat.

“Whom are you calling?” He asked not looking up from his list.

“Kat. She can at least help us estimate how much wine you’ll need.”

I was actually surprised that he had not been more organized for this event. This wasn’t like him. I smiled to myself as I realized I might be a slight distraction to his usually orderly life.

Kat was surprised too, but didn’t flinch when I started asking her questions. Then she came up with an idea and had me give Geoff the phone. All I heard was his grunting to her questions or short answers.

“Seems I’m coming over to Kat’s for dinner this evening so we can all discuss my lack of preparation for this event.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you through this.” I replied taking his hand.

“I have no doubt you will. Come,” He said getting up and leading me toward the back, “I want to show you how I do what I do.”

We walked to the back. I saw a ton of drawings taped to the walls and on a large flat surface. There was also a large hunk of clay covered by plastic. It amazed my senses at the detail involved in a project such as this.

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  1. Good Morning! Thanks for having me today. I look forward to meeting your readers and reading their comments on Timeless Sojourn.

  2. Here I am again! :P
    It's always good to have characters that readers... Or even the writer can really believe and understand. Someone they can read about and just say: "I know how that feels." It makes the story so much more fun to read.
    I haven't read it yet!!!!! But I really can't wait to get my small hands on a copy :P So exciting!!! :P

    1. Thanks for following the tour Natalie! Can't wait to hear what you think once you read Timeless Sojourn. Think you'll like it. . .

  3. I like a little smartalecky spunk in a heroine, though I admit it is a fine line. The book sounds great!


    1. Thanks Anonymous! Anne turns out to be full of spunk and has to have some smartalecky in her to learn Geoff's ways!

  4. I always enjoy stories where you see the characters grow and change. This one sounds like something I would really enjoy.

    1. Hi MomJane -
      Yes, the characters do grow and change in this book. Anne in particular - at first it's sort of forced on her, but once starts she embraces it. And Geoffrey, well he is a little more complex, but he's fun. . .

  5. Anne Harrison does sound like a character I can relate to. I look forward to seeing how her story unfolds.


    1. Not everyone can relate to every character, which is a good thing - makes things more interesting.

  6. Nice post and excerpt. The characters sound intriguing.


  7. Thanks for the excerpt. :)