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Thursday Tales: Stacey Brutger

Hi! Thanks so much for coming today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Thank you for having me over! I live in a small town in Minnesota with my husband and assortment of animals. When I’m not reading, I enjoy creating stories about exotic worlds and grand adventures…then shoving in my characters to see how they’d survive.

But I wasn’t always a reader. I actually had trouble reading until grade school when I was forced to struggle through a book for class. And fell in love with all the wonderful worlds between the covers. I haven’t stopped reading since.

Tell us a bit about your book.
My latest book is called The Demon Within. I started writing it before demons and angels became popular and revised it for years. I did a lot of research for the book and loved twisting the myths and lore to fit my story. I tried to think of the worst obstacles for my characters. And what’s worse than a half-demon looking for a cure and the fallen angel that’s standing in her way, seeking his own redemption?

Is this part of a series?
Yes, called The PeaceKeeper Series. I have three books for this series written, but the last two are in dire need of edits before they are ready for the world. Each book contains different myths and different obstacles to overcome before the characters find what they never knew they wanted.

What did you find the hardest part of writing it to be?
Actually, the hardest part is finding the time to write! I work full time, so it’s hard to balance work, chores, cooking, writing and sleeping. Usually, one suffers. Mostly the cleaning and sleeping. lol

What was your favorite part?
I love writing, I even love editing and improving my writing, but my favorite is being able to just turn off the outside world and create whole new worlds and adventures for my characters. Researching is a close second. Who wouldn’t love to research about mythical creatures and think of dangerous hoops to make your sexy-as-sin hero survive just to be with the heroine?

Rate your story in terms of steaminess
Both characters are deeply wounded people who know nothing of love. They battle with themselves and each other before they finally admit to any feelings, but it’s a slow journey. As they finally succumb to their emotions, one taste, one touch is not near enough.

Who is your favorite romance author?
I don’t have just one favorite, but what makes an author an auto-buy for me is their ability to sweep me up in the characters adventure. Make me feel for your characters, and I’m yours.

What is your favorite romance book or series?
I have about 15 series or so that I will buy until the end, but they all have a few things in common: Honor, loyalty and bravery. I love a heroine being able to bring a warrior to his knees with a crook of her little finger. Give me a wounded, tortured warrior and you have me hooked.

Boxers or Briefs?
Briefs all the way…although I did see some very sexy boxer briefs. Can’t go wrong with them, either.

What is next for you?
I’m working on my next paranormal romance called BloodSworn. Long dead magic, forbidden love, and the people who would do anything to make sure that neither survive.

These questions are for your main characters
What were your first impressions of each other?
Caly: (Caly gives a little secretive smile) The first time I saw him was as a statue. I thought he was the perfect man. Then he had to wake and start talking.
Ruman: Trouble. (The heat in Ruman’s eyes when he looks at Caly is scorching.) And I was right.

What are your favorite parts about each other?
Ruman: Her willingness to give anything and everything for those she loves without question. I wanted that for myself, and exploited her every weakness to make her fall in love with me.
Caly: Besides being sexy, stubborn, ruthless, and too damn irresistible for his own good? (Caly ducks her head a little.) That he thinks I’m the most important person in the world and isn’t afraid to show it.

What’s next for you?
Caly: To protect the innocent from demons.
Ruman: (He links his fingers with Caly’s in a way that makes her blush.) To protect Caly with everything I have.

As a punishment for failing his duty as an angel, Ruman finds himself encased in stone in the form of a guardian statue. Every few decades he is given a chance to repent. And fails. Until the totally unsuitable Caly Sawyer accidentally brings him back to life. Nothing is going to prevent him from gaining his freedom, especially some willfully stubborn human determined to kill him.

Caly doesn’t trust the mysterious stranger who came out of nowhere and risked his life for hers. As a demon hunter, she knows there is something not quite human about the sexy bastard. Her ability to detect demons is infallible. She should know. She used to be one.

War is brewing between demons and humans. The demon infection that Caly had always considered a curse might just be the key to their survival...if Ruman can keep her alive long enough. Despite the volatile attraction between her and her sexy protector, Caly’s determined to do whatever it takes to keep everyone alive. The more Ruman learns about his beautiful charge, the more he questions his duty and loyalty...and dreads the call to return home. If they can’t learn to trust each other in time, one of them will die. 

(First meeting with the hero)
Caly met the open-eyed stare of the stone man, forever captured in time. Caly’s lips parted, and her breath stuttered out of her mouth.
There was a God.
The man — and from her view kneeling on the moss covered ground, he was most definitely a man — was absolutely gorgeous. Not in the normal sense, not by Hollywood standards. Prominent cheekbones, a full, sharp nose and a strong jaw kept his face from being too feminine.
Desire twisted through her. A deep yearning tightened her chest, and a bubble of hope swelled. This was a man she could depend on to not let her down. When she looked at him, the chaos inside that defined most of her life settled.
She felt normal.
Then reality crashed over her.
Desire for a damn statue.
How ironic she could be attracted to stone when living men left her cold. But here, in the middle of nowhere, she found a man who turned her on like nobody else, and he wasn’t real. It was enough to make a grown girl cry.
Little details filtered into her brain, and a thrill of excitement thrummed under her skin. The answers she sought about her condition were stuck in the past; she only had to uncover the clues. Since they’ve landed, he was the first concrete hint something was off.
This was why she came here. What quieted her protests against the mission. All for the chance to learn if there was a possibility for her to be fully human again and finally destroy the demon infection that had taken root and flourished in her body. Every day, it ate away her humanity. Relished the fighting a bit too much. Each time the darkness opened up in her, the more she wondered why she fought it at all.
The mission forgotten, Caly took her time to catalog the odd details. The statue wasn’t what she’d come to expect from this region. Instead of native garb, the grey stone man had chiseled, close fitted pants.
Two inch carved straps crisscrossed his chest, appearing to almost dig into the stone. His long hair, wild with waves, was tied back from his face. Her fingers twitched to run her hands over him. Though his complexion was tinged green with age, the fierce expression drew her gaze instead of repelling her.
The turn of his lips was anything but sensual, yet their fullness made her think of sex and what a man could do with a mouth like his.
Strong shoulders led down to a lean, sculptured chest. His open shirt did little to disguise his physique. The statue shouldn’t have impressed her, but it was as if the stone called to her. A streak of light filtered through the canopy, wavered a moment then illuminated him like an offering.
Something just for her. She had to curl her fingers into a fist to resist touching him.
As she watched, she swore his chest moved to breathe. It took a physical effort to pull her gaze away and longer to tuck away the desire to stake claim.

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  2. Congratulations on the release. Great interview.

  3. This gives a new meaning to carved in stone. LOL

    1. I had a blast writing that scene.
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  4. O.M.G! Seriously Stacey. Your excerpt sold this book for me--it is awesome!

    1. Thanks, Brenda!

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      You should see what happens when he wakes. *wink*

  5. Ha, I'm with Brenda. I'm totally sold after reading that excerpt. I do have it on my TBR list already so I'll have to bump it on up. Very nice interview, ladies. :)


  6. Thanks, Melissa!

    These two were a hoot to write. I loved their first meeting...all three times. lol

  7. I am definitely adding this to my Books to Buy list! Great excerpt! Loved the character Q&A. Especially Ruman's!

    1. Thanks for stopping, Susan! Ruman's attitude does a 180 when he meets Caly, and I don't think he will ever recover...or want to. lol

  8. Nice interview. The book sounds fascinating.


    1. Thanks! I had a blast researching demons and angel lore. Wonderful possibilities! The characters were a blast to write.

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