Monday, September 17, 2012

Edits are Done!

Edits are done! Edits are done! LOL. Yes, I was dancing around the house when I submitted Enforcer's Redemption to my copy-editor/proofer Donna tonight. I usually can get edits done in less than   a week, sometimes the turn around is only a couple of days. But this book took me two weeks.

All in all, it was fleshed out before and not that bad. I just couldn't dive in. This book took so much out of me when I wrote it, it tore another part of me out when I went through it again. And again. And yes, I'll be going through it at least two more times before you guys get to see it in November. 

People email me asking when Adam's book comes out, and I tell them soon! Yes, Enforcer's Redemption comes out November 6th. Or at least as close to Nov 6th as Amazon lets me! It won't be out in print until January/Feb 2013 because it will be found in Vol 3 of the Redwood Pack series, along with Blurred Expectations.  But yes, Adam's book is almost here y'all!

But don't worry, I'm giving y'all another book before then. Charmed Spirits comes out October 2nd!! See? That's not too far away. In this book you get to meet FIVE sexy Cooper brothers and see what paranormal things they get into. No, they aren't wolves, but they're still hot. Damn hot. I hope you give my new series a chance!

Okay, I'm off to go back to writing Blurred Expectations, a Redwood Pack novella about a post-HEA that I'll reveal in November. Happy reading!