Monday, September 17, 2012

The Day the Ceiling Caved In

Ugh. So this weekend, instead of focusing on edits and writing, I had to deal with the TROLL. Who is the troll you ask? Well, he's the handy man who isn't so handy. If you've ever seen me talking about the troll man  and how he never fixes anything right and talks for hours, you know the troll. He has no idea what he's doing. At. All. Our front door--which he replaced--still doesn't close correctly and I frankly don't care anymore. It locks, that's good enough for me.

But why did I need the handy man this weekend? Apparently there was a leak somewhere and it flooded my  apartment and our neighbors. There is a wooden beam that houses a water pipe for some reason that goes down the middle of our apartment right in the living room. It makes NO sense and isn't on the blueprints. Yes, I went down to the city and got the blueprints because our handy man is an idiot. Luckily, I had dated an architect and knew how to read them. Yes, I'm a dork. Whatever. I learn where I can.

They troll tore into our ceiling, found the wooden box, but couldn't find the pipe. So me, my hubby, and our hot new neighbor (a story for another time LOL), and to find the tiny hole in the pipe. I found it. Not the troll.

But as all of this happened, our neighbors new bike was soaked and had to be treated. He races professionally and he was just in the middle of a rebuild. Not cool. My hubby's new computer was almost attacked by drywall. And my bookcase was attacked by water. A lot of water. I save my books. But the bookcase caved in on itself and almost attacked me and my cats. *sigh*

The apt is going to pay for another bookcase but I don't want one here so they're giving us money. I'm going to box up my books since we're moving next year and I don't feel like dealing with it. But really, what a pain in the butt! My books were organized by author and then by series. My photographic memory knew exactly where each book was. 

And then the ceiling caved in so I had to toss them in a few big boxes. I'm shaking at the unorganized chaos. Gah! But it's going to be okay. The books were saved. The ceiling will be fixed. I just lost a bookshelf. Oh! Below is a photo of the shelf mid-break. It literally swayed and fell as I snapped the photo! LOL

Yes, I have my priorities. SAVE THE BOOKS! That's all I ask. Oh, and ignore the troll. We don't like him.


  1. you saved the books! That's all that matters. Screw the troll. Oh, yuck! wrong thing to say.LMAO

  2. Ooof, I don't miss apartment living AT ALL.

    *eyeballs ceiling suspiciously, and hopes there aren't any random pipes about to burst all over the bookshelf, laptop, and e-readers*

    1. Yeah, keep looking LOL. And we're moving soon, don't worry!