Monday, October 15, 2012

Manic Monday Updates: October Edition

Happy Monday!!! It's been a whirlwind month but I'm finally getting the breathing room I need! Yes, I realize it's mid-month, but I had a tough two weeks LOL! Releases are coming monthly for awhile meaning you guys get more books from me and I get to stress out more...wait, that seems odd! I had a release early this month with CHARMED SPIRITS and it made 3 Amazon bestseller lists as well as 3 ARe bestseller lists. Thank you!!!

Waiting for:
  • Cover for BLURRED EXPECTATIONS (Redwood Pack 4.5). This is an after the HEA novella featuring Hannah, Josh, and Reed. I can't WAIT to see what Scott comes up with for the cover.
  • Edits for BLURRED EXPECTATIONS. I just turned them in, but it's a shortie (16k) so it should take too long.
Working on:
  • Edits for SANTA'S EXECUTIVE (Holiday, Montana book 2). I just got these so I'll be diving in soon.
  • Tour goodies for the next month release of ENFORCER'S REDEMPTION (Redwood Pack book 4)
  • Finding Abigail (Holiday, Montana 3). This is my baby at the moment and I'm digging in.
  • Her Warriors' Three Wishes (Dante's Circle 2.) Because I'm crazy apparently and Ambrose needs his story!
  • With all these releases coming up every month and without the ability to do pre-orders, the best way to know when you can buy my books, like ADAM's story next month, is to sign up for my newsletter. Click HERE if you'd like to!

Until next month!!!


  1. I followed you and I like to invite you to my blog hop.


  2. Girl, you are busy!!! I'm really looking forward to Ambrose's story!