Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heart of a Soldier with Tamara Hoffa

Hi! Thanks so much for coming today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi Carrie Ann, Thanks for having me today. I am 48, a wife, mother, and grandmother. As you know I love to read. I write reviews and Beta read and have now ventured into writing romantic fiction too! I love to cook (and eat), I am a hairdresser in daily life.

Tell us a bit about your book.

Heart of a Soldier is the story of a more mature (older) couple. A widow with a seventeen year old son and a carrier Army officer.

Is this part of a series?


What was your favorite part?

The “girl’s night between Charlie and her best friend Bethany

Why did you choose to write romance?

Love may not make the world go around, but I think it makes the world a better place. I wanted to share that feeling with others.

Do you ever have any conversations in your head with your characters? If so, can you give us a hint of what you might talk about?

I don’t think I’d say I have conversations, They talk and I write down what they say. I never quite know what’s going to come out of their mouths. Lol

Rate your story in terms of steaminess

Well, I’m a coffee addict, so how about a hot cup of mocha cappacino!

What are you reading right now?

I just finished Kallypso Masters Nobody’s Perfect, and stated Making Sense by Serenity Woods, but by the 
time this posts? I’ll have probably read a dozen more!

I know this is like asking who is your favorite child, who is your favorite romance author (s)?

I think I could answer who my favorite child is easier? (I’m so bad) You, Lauren Dane, Maya Banks, Catherine Mann, Shelly Laurenston, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Larissa Ione, I could go on and on and on!

What is your favorite romance book or series?

I love Phantom Waltz by Catherine Anderson. Series? Darkhunters by Sherri would have to be my favorite

Who is your favorite romance character? If you could go on a date with that person, what would you do? Details please! *wink*

Acheron. We would go to Greece and walk through the ruins, while he told me all about life in ancient times. And maybe Simi would pop in for some Bar-b-q

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxer briefs

Chocolate or Vanilla?


Do you have a special piece of clothing you wear when you write?

My nightgown mostly

What is next for you?

I’m currently working  on two more stories, hopefully also for the Lunch Box Line. One is another contemporary with a cowboy hero, tentatively titled Roping Love. The other is a paranormal romance I am writing with my best friend, Beverly Ovalle. It is about Chicgo fire fighters, who just happen to be Dragon shifters. And they well, maybe, kinda started the great Chicago fire…

What were your first impressions of each other?

Charlie- I thought, “oh man he’s a hunk”

Jamie- I thought Charlie was everything I’d ever wanted in a woman

What are your favorite parts about each other?

Charlie- I love that Jamie is such an honorable man, I love his strength and loyalty.

Jamie- I love her “fire”

What’s next for you?

Well… maybe a little brother or sister for Evan.

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