Monday, November 12, 2012

Lost Authors: WE NEED YOUR HELP! *updated*

Help! No, I'm not lost, but it seems that I've lost some authors. I'm a slightly OCD list maker when it comes to reading. I have color coded lists by author, series name, pre-ordered, TBR, etc. But sometimes, even after looking on author websites, publisher websites, GoodReads, Fantastic Fiction, and other sites, I just can't find out if an author is coming up with a new book or if their site is gone completely. So I'm here asking for help. If you know what's going on with an author let us know.
I always have this horrible feeling that one day, an author will pass away and we won't know about it. I feel like when I read their words that I get closer to them, even through their characters. I'd hate to think that they'd be lost and I wouldn't know it. I don't know why, but that bothers me.
I know life intercedes, authors change lives, and I totally get that. But I just wanted to know and others wanted to know as well.

Okay here it goes:

Anna Windor:

I love her paranormals. I've been to her site, and can't find it updated. I'd love to know if she has more books on the way and if she's okay. Yes, I worry.

Lisa Kleypas:

I know she's doing her contemporary series now that I LOVE. Anyone heard anything about her historicals?

Denise Belinda McDonald:

Love her westerns. Anyone heard any updates?

Charlene Teglia:

Anyone heard about her Shadow Guardians series?

Linda Winfree:

I can't seem to find her website anymore

Update** Linda Winfree is currently working on another degree and not writing at the moment.** I'm glad she's doing something she enjoys, even though I miss her stories! 

That's all I have for now. I love these authors and would love to know if you'd heard anything about those series I mentioned LOL. Also, if you have an author you need help finding book information on, put it in the comments and I'll update the post.

From Marie Hall: Morgan Harke

From Eva: Melinda Barron

From Andie: Morgan Garritty


  1. I'll keep an eye out for these authors. There's one that I have read quite a number of books and a number of months ago, I went to her website to see if there was anything new coming up and her website was gone, haven't been able to find anything about Melinda Barron.

  2. I really enjoy Lisa Kleypas' historicals & would recommend them if you enjoy historical romances. while she has a number of books set in the ton she also has several set outside of it or on the "border" w/ non-titled h/h.
    particularly enjoyed the wallflower & hathaway series (while can read stand alone, best in order & since some of the wallflower char go into the hathaway series even better to read series in order). one of her best loved heroes is Craven, a gambing king who pulled himself out of the gutter he was born in and falls for a gentlewoman novelist in Dreaming of You.

  3. Linda Winfree, All I can find is her blog and twitter account. and

    Lisa Kleypas, Found a website that just has her historical books listed on it.

    Hope this helps, I will keep looking into the other authors

  4. I'm sorry but I have to chuckle about this ... you're too cute! =0)

  5. I'm looking for Morgan Garritty....she wrote a enovella called Sweet was supposed to have a new episode every week....she left me with a major cliff hanger and it's been months and nothing, nada, zlich!!! There is a goodreads page but not made by her...please help!!!!

  6. Carrie Ann: I met Lisa Klepas before she started writing many years ago at a NY Conference where her mother bought one of my historicals for her. She was a very attractive teen at the time and I was so happy to see her published later on--she's certainly a talented writer as well as very pretty. Jane