Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snippet from Santa's Executive

I'm in a sharing mood. Santa's Executive comes out Dec 4th to celebrate the holidays! You can check out the whole first chapter here. Oh, and in case you wanted to read the Holiday, Montana series in order, you can check out book 2, Charmed Spirits, here

Confident, she walked down the pathway and knocked on the front door. The wind blew again, and she huddled into herself, hoping that they'd let her in just to get warm. Montana was really too cold for its own good. Nerves ran through her, but she ignored them. She heard laughter and groans on the other side of the door then footsteps as someone walked toward her. The door opened, and she froze.
He was beautiful.
Oh, my.
Something clicked inside. Not love, but unadulterated lust.
Strong cheekbones and a firm jaw, pale skin, and deep blue eyes made his face look like an artist’s interpretation of the handsome man. He had black hair that had a slight curl to it, and those curls made her want to run her hands through it. Though his body was on the skinny side, she could see the traces of muscles through his corded sweater. He was taller than she was by at least a foot, but, since she was only five feet tall, that wasn't uncommon.
Her gaze traced his body then shot up to his face as she realized what she'd been doing. Seriously? She was checking him out, and she didn’t even know who he was. Please, don't let this be Justin. She wouldn't be able to work with this man if he was Justin.
“Can I help you?” His deep voice radiated through her body, warming her.
You can help me any time you want.
Where the hell had that thought come from?


  1. ok you are mean that so wasnt fair i cant wait till dec. to read this!!!!!!!

  2. Ah you didn't just do that.. really? Sigh, another book I have to wait for.. write faster. Please?

  3. I agree with Heather! I just re-read the first chapter this morning too. I am very excited. Bring on more snip-its! I need them to sting me along for the next few weeks. :)