Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Sneak Peak into SANTA'S EXECUTIVE

Here's a sneak peak into Santa's Executive, out NOW!

He framed her face with his hands and deepened the kiss, his tongue touching hers, their mouths moving with each other. It was the sweetest of kisses. She moaned again, and he nipped at her lip. He kissed her harder, and she pulled back.
“Damn, I loved that.” There was that love word again.
“That can't happen again,” she whispered.

Justin Cooper wasn’t always the straight-laced Holiday Elementary School principal. In his youth, he broke all the rules and enjoyed being the bad Cooper brother.  One Christmas Eve night he got a little too rowdy and things changed forever. Now the consequences of that fateful night have come back in full force and the myths of Christmas might be more real than he thought.
Rina Brewer is one of Santa’s elves. Not the tiny cute little toy maker, but the sexy, petite, energy filled bombshell kind. She’s come to Holiday to aid Justin in his new role as Santa’s executive, but as soon as she sees the sexy ex-bad boy, she realizes the job may be more than she bargained for.
As they work together to make this Christmas one to remember, an old foe has come to town to make sure that his holiday is the coldest yet.
Warning: Contains a perky elf who dreams of something more, a Christmas myth who may be a baddie, and a sexy ex-bad boy who craves Christmas cookies…and a certain perky blonde.

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  1. Ahhh! I could have been reading this all weekend and didn't know it! OH the lost hours I could have read! Moving on...yay it's out! Can't wait to read it. Now to figure out how to get out of work early to read... :)

  2. What is your favorite Holiday to read a romance about? That's a hard one I love Halloween romances stories because you get the dark aspect of the season with a fun romances. On the other hand who doesn't love a Christmas romance. So I pick both, what can I say I like variety.

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