Thursday, December 20, 2012


Howdy! I've been getting a couple of questions about Blurred Expectations and thought I'd answer them before it's released. I'm on a plane flying across the country at this point, but if you have more questions, but them in the comments and I'll answer them when I get to an internet connection.

Q) What is Blurred Expectations?

A) Blurred Expectations (BE from here on out LOL) is a novella that is one of my after the HEA novellas in this series. Meaning its about Reed, Hannah, and Josh who you met in Trinity Bound. This is a look at their lives now. There's some romance, some heartache, and some suspense. I know after Enforcer's Redemption people wanted to know more about these three, so here you go.

Q) How long is it?

A) Only 18,000 words or so. It's a shorty, but only $1.99 for you.

Q) Do I have to read your other books first?

A) Yes and No. I try to make it so you can start anywhere in the series, but in reality, to really enjoy everything, you need to read them all. At least read Trinity Bound before hand so you know how this couple fell in love.

Q) Will Reed and Josh be getting it on? (Seriously, this was a question LOL)

A) Because the novella is only 18,000 words, I had to make sure there wasn't ONLY sex in the story. So, yes, there's a seen with Josh and Reed, but no, not as hot as you saw in Trinity Bound. I will have more menages in the future with m/m contact, but I didn't want to put out a book with 50% romantic scenes.

Q) Will I cry?

A) It depends on where you are in your life. I've had people going through the same things as Hannah and said after they read BE that I hit the nail on the head with the emotions. There is a happy ending, just maybe not what we all thought.

Q) Will you do more after the HEA novellas?

A) Yes. A Night Away, which is about Mel and Kade, is already out. Forgiveness, which is about Bay and Adam, comes out this summer. Next year I will have two after the HEA novellas as well. I don't know if I'll do more because I am going to move on from the Redwood Pack series at some point. And geesh, that hurt to type right then!

Q) Can I find this in print?

A) Soon. Redwood Pack Vol 3 will be out in digital and print form late Jan/early Feb. It will have Enforcer's Redemption and Blurred Expectations in it.

I hope I answered all your questions. Let me know if you have any more!