Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Growing Up: A Redwood Pack FREE READ

Growing Up

Maddox Jamenson ran a hand through his too long hair and looked out onto the land that had for so long called to his family and Pack. He was so freaking tired and he really didn’t know why.
Thoughts of dark eyes and an even darker past flashed through his mind and he closed his eyes.
Oh yeah, that’s why he was so tired.
“Mad?” Cailin, his baby sister called as she came up to stand beside him.
Maddox looked down at her striking beauty, her black-blue hair and stunning Jamenson-green eyes. Even though she was only in her twenties, he knew he’d have to start fighting off potential mates soon. No way was he going to let his little sister get hurt.
“What is it, Cai?” he asked as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Unlike the rest of his family, he wasn’t that comfortable with touching others. He’d held Bay when she’d needed him after the birth of her son, but he didn’t like hugging anyone else—except his sister.
And maybe her
No, never her
“Why are you out here standing here all alone?” she asked as she leaned into his hold.
He shrugged, not really knowing the answer. He’d always preferred to be alone, especially these days. The feelings that came from being the Omega fell on his shoulders with a heavy still silence that never went away.
Cailin scoffed and he was pretty sure he could feel her rolling her eyes. She wasn’t very subtle.
“You need to stop moping, brother mine.”
“I’m not moping,” he countered.
“Oh shut up. You’ve been moping since you know who came you know where.”
“Oh my, however shall I figure out that code of yours?” he teased, not liking that she saw right through him.
“Well, I could say her name for you if you’re that lost.” She smiled and he pinched her arm.
“Hey! I’m going to tell Mom!” She rubbed her arm and stuck her tongue out.
Maddox threw his head back and laughed, something he hadn’t done much of lately. “Oh my God, you’re like twelve.”
“Am not.”
“I’m not going to argue with you.”
“Why are we fighting?” she asked and smiled again.
“Because you’re a pest and my baby sister.”
Cailin let out a breath. “I really wish all of you would stop calling my your baby sister. It’s not like I’m in diapers anymore. I’m a woman.”
Maddox closed his eyes and groaned. “Don’t remind me.”
“Hey! I don’t understand what’s your problem. Kade and Jasper went out all the time and found women. Reed found men and women. Adam wasn’t a monk before Anna. You’ve had your fair share even if you’re hiding most of it.  And North…well I don’t really want to think about what North’s up to.”
Maddox shook his head, trying to get the images of North doing whatever the hell he did out of his mind.
“You’re not allowed to date,” Maddox ordered.
Cailin leveled a look at him. “Um, I think I am. And I have been dating if you haven’t noticed.”
Rage filled him. “What? Who? What little prick do I have to kill?”
Cailin threw up her arms and stomped away before she stomped right back and got in his face.
“You see? This is why I don’t mention it. I’m a woman. Not a girl. A woman. I’ve dated humans and wolves. Not that I’d let you know who. Oh, and I’m not a virgin. Just so you’d know.”
Maddox covered his ears with his hands and hummed.
No, there was no way his baby sister was talking about…well…sex.
No. Freaking. Way.
“Sex. Maddox. Sex. Sex. Sex.”
“Stop it, Cailin!”
“Oh, my God! You’re such a prude!”
“And you’re too young to have sex.”
“Oh shut up. It’s not like I’m screwing every man I see.”
Maddox closed his eyes again and prayed for patience. “I would hope not. We’re already in a war with the Centrals, we don’t need to kill our own Pack members.”
Cailin rolled her eyes. “You need to grow up. Okay? I’m being safe—with my body and my heart. I haven’t found a mate yet and my wolf is just now starting to want one. When it happens, I don’t want my brothers beating him up.”
“I’m not making any promises. You have six of us, plus Josh. Not to mention what the women will do. Oh yeah, and our folks.”
“I know, hence why I’m telling you.”
“I don’t want to think about you and a man. Okay?”
“Find, don’t think about it. Just don’t get in the way. Now, do we want to talk about your mating?”
“No.” Hell, freaking, no.
“No. Now, I’m going to go talk to Dad,” he said as he brushed by her.
“Maddox Jamenson! Don’t you dare tell Daddy what we talked about!”
“You know, you only call him Daddy when you’re in trouble.”
“Oh shut up. Don’t you dare tell him I had sex.”
“You’ll have to catch me first.” He took off at a run, Cailin chasing behind him at full steam.
He wouldn’t actually tell his Dad. Some things were sacred. Though if some bastard thought he could touch Mad’s baby sister, that would be another story. He’d have to do some digging on his own.
Cailin jumped on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Don’t, Maddox!”
He laughed, even though she was blocking his air. She released her hold and he tossed her to the ground. She glared at him from the ground and her eyes glowed gold, her wolf rising to the surface.
“I won’t, lady bug butt.”
“I hate when you call me that.”
“You’re the baby, get over it.”
“I hate you, Maddox.”
“Love you too, lady bug butt.”
Maddox gripped her hand and picked her up off the ground as they both walked toward the den center.
His baby sister had put a smile on his face, even though he gave her more worries than he needed at his age. Maybe everything would be okay.
He spotted a wisp of dark hair out of the corner of his eyes and froze.
Well, hell, maybe not that okay.

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