Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Pirate Post

*Note, this post isn't for those of you who have purchased books, borrowed from libraries, and are amazing readers. This is just an FYI post. Love you guys.* 

If you go to a site that isn't a publisher site, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, ARe, Kobo, and a select few others and download a book for free, you are STEALING.


There is no other thing to say other than that. Not really. Most of you know what pirates are by now, but I'm still surprised to see people who don't realize what they've done is wrong.

Authors make their money by selling books. This is a business. This isn't a hobby for 99.999% of us. (Yes, I made up that number, deal with it. But it's still high.). We use what we make to pay for our homes, pay for college, put food on the table, make sure the lights know the same thing you do with the money you make from your job.

What takes you three or so hours to read, takes an author 3-18 months to write.

You know this. But what you don't know is that if we lose our sales to people who download for free, we may not be able to write more.

It makes me sick when I look at my website and some of the "search" tags are "Carrie Ann Ryan PDF" or "Santa's Executive PDF". Just ugh.

We authors don't live in mansions. We're not rich. You may think we are. But no, we just write because we LOVE it. It's our job, our passion.

Many authors have been forced to stop series because of pirates. If sales are low when the illegal downloads are high, authors need to put the focus on something that will put food on the table.

Dust of My Wings is doing great for a first book, but not as good as my others. It also has the highest piracy of all of my books. This past weekend, there were more than 20,000 downloads on it on one site. Sorry, but that hurts my livelihood.

Now I'm in the sad position of wondering if I'm going to write the last six in the series. I want to. I know readers want to.

But thieves are making it hard to focus on it when my other books are doing better and have less illegal downloads.

I'm pretty sure I'm at least going to finish book 2, Her Warriors' Three Wishes, but we'll see about the rest.

It pisses me off, makes me sad...and just yeah.

You should read Yasmine Galenorn and Shiloh Walker's posts on this. They say it better than I can.

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  1. Holy cow! 20K BOOKS STOLEN?! That is beyond messed up. It's not like your books are over priced! What is wrong with people? When did stuff like this become ok? Normal even? It's sad.

  2. You don't get your cut from Amazon for you kindle ebooks sells? I buy all my books from there for my kindle unless it is from the that is crazy... I thought that the publishing house and authors offered the sales and free books on amazon. Or am i misunderstanding the post. I know how yasmine feels i read her post about it when i frist started following her about 4 years ago... I love all her books and they are well read paperpacks in my house...

    On a second note your redwood pack series is awesome... I bought the first one an Alphas Path the other day 99 cents on amazon i mean seriously thats a cheeseburger from mcdonalds people show some respect and put down the cheeseburger and buy a book support your authors...Oh and i loved loved it... can't wait till after christmas so i can buy up the rest as i can't wait but christmas comes frist uhhhh kids are sooo expensive lol.

    1. If you buy from Amazon and other places like that, its a direct purchase and you're fine. I'm talking about file sharing sites or places that aren't real distributors.

      I'm glad you liked An Alpha's Path BTW!

  3. So sorry that people are doing this. They would not think about walking into a store and stealing a book but yet they do it online over and over. I freaked out one time because I saw a favorite author's book on Goodreads and emailed her to find out if it was supposed to be available on there. I ended up buying a copy just to support her, because it was a new book and I knew I would love it anyway :)

  4. That's just crazy! I am so sorry to hear about this. I can't even begin to imagine what those people are thinking. I love free books like the next person but only if it's ok'd by the author. I would rather buy a book to support an author than worry about saving a few dollars. Like Jeanette said, many are less than the cost to eat at McDonalds! I'd rather have a book any day.

  5. ive had people tell me where i can go for free ones and i always tell them no because you guys need the money in my opinion you earnned it!!!!!!!!