Monday, January 21, 2013

Manic Monday Updates: January Edition

Happy Monday!!! I feel like it's been forever since I've done this! I guess that's what happens when back to back releases, holidays, and writing craziness happens. As always, I've been super busy, but I'm on a decent enough schedule that I do have time to breathe. Somewhat.

Waiting for:
  • Cover for a special deal later this spring.
  • Final Copy Edits on HER LUCKY LOVE (Holiday, Montana 4)
Working on:
  • Getting the tour ready for FINDING ABIGAIL (Holiday, Montana 3). I have the topics and my press kit done. Now I just need to write 12 posts. 
  • Finishing my schedule for plotting and writing.
  • Planning my April trip to Florida with Lia Davis to hang out and write FATED TRANQUILITY (Keys of Fate 1)
  • HER WARRIORS' THREE WISHES (Dante's Circle 2.) I'm having to rewrite part of this because I found a different plot line. The three of these guys pretty much rock. I'm in hell for a lot of this book--literally--and it's fun.
  • FORGIVENESS (Redwood Pack 4.7) I'm working slowly on this at night after I finish my word count on HER WARRIORS' THREE WISHES. Bay and Adam are fun to work with again.
  • With all these releases coming up every month and without the ability to do pre-orders, the best way to know when you can buy my books, like Tyler's story next month, is to sign up for my newsletter. Click HERE if you'd like to!

Until next month!!!