Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Cooper Family

Just look at that fancy family tree that one of my fans made me! No, you haven't met all the babies yet, just Aiden, Cameron, and Lacy, and no, you haven't met Honor yet, but the Holiday series is on it's way!!

I'm so excited about the Coopers and Holiday Montana! CHARMED SPIRITS and SANTA'S EXECUTIVE are out now and FINDING ABIGAIL is on it's way in Feb! Make sure you meet these sexy Cooper brothers and a series that surrounds holidays!


  1. This is an awesome series and I can't wait for ALL the Cooper men to get their gals!!!
    These boys are drop dead gorgeous and uber SEXY!!
    I'm so excited to see the Family Tree too!
    Nice to see some little girls entering the Cooper brood. Bet they wrap those macho men around their little fingers!

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  3. Hi, love your books...all of them! And I was wondering since Jackson's story is the last book of this series does that mean will get to meet all the new little branches on this tree in it? Or are you going to do a novella or something so we get to meet them?


  4. *we'll not will, sorry typing on my phone...