Thursday, February 21, 2013

Manic (Thursday) Updates: February Edition

Happy Thursday!!! (I know, it should be a Monday Update, but shh!) I'm in the middle of my 8-month crazy "why did I do this" time so I'm going to be quick. LOL Time is moving fast and books are coming out like crazy. FINDING ABIGAIL (Holiday, Montana 4) came out earlier this month and is doing great. Thank you! CHARMED SPIRITS (Holiday, Montana 1) is only $0.99 until the end of the month so make sure you get it at this low price when you can!

Waiting for:
  • Cover for SHATTERED EMOTIONS (Redwood Pack 5). Scott and I have been talking about it and getting excited!
Working on:
  • First Round of edits on HER WARRIORS' THREE WISHES (Dante's Circle 2). I'm in the middle of deep edits on them and going crazy because I wanted to add a plot point at this late in the game. It's still on schedule for it's April 23rd release, but I'm working hard.
  • Getting the tour ready for HER LUCKY LOVE (Holiday, Montana 4). I have the topics and my press kit done. Now I just need to write 12 posts. 
  • Finishing my schedule for plotting and writing.
  • Planning my April trip to Florida with Lia Davis to hang out and write FATED TRANQUILITY (Keys of Fate 1)
  • FORGIVENESS (Redwood Pack 4.7). I'm getting through this quickly, but it's not my main WIP so I can focus on a big book. I love working on Adam and Bay.
  • SHATTERED EMOTIONS (Redwood Pack 5). I just started on this one and boy, I've already cried. Yes, it's going to be a hard one but most of you know that I love Maddox so much.
  • With all these releases coming up every month and without the ability to do pre-orders, the best way to know when you can buy my books, like Tyler's story next month, is to sign up for my newsletter. Click HERE if you'd like to!

Until next month!!!


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