Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Snippet: Finding Abigail

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“What’s going on, Abigail?”“Why do you call me that? Everyone else calls me, Abby.” She bit her lip, and his eyes focused on them for a second.They looked sexy…He blinked, a gray haze coming over his mind.Wait. What had he been thinking about?“Ty? Why do you call be Abigail?”“It’s your name, isn’t it?” And he liked the sound of it on his tongue. That gray haze came back, and he rubbed his temples. What the hell?She shook her head. “Whatever. I’m here to say goodbye actually.”“Goodbye?”“I’m moving, and I thought I’d say goodbye to all the Coopers.” She blinked and looked around as though trying to come up with what to say.“Moving? Why would you do that?”“There’s nothing for me here.”But, what about…He closed his eyes as a headache slammed into him. “What’s wrong, Ty?” Abigail walked toward him, and he took a step back. Hurt crossed her face for a moment, her eyes widening as she bit her lip, but then she managed to mask it.“I’m fine. Just a headache. Uh, I’m sorry to see you go.”Hurt flashed again, and this time, it looked even more painful. Her eyes took on a glassy glaze, almost as if she was about to cry, but she held it back.“I see.” She looked away from his face, and he frowned.

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