Sunday, March 24, 2013

Take Another Step Back

I really shouldn't have been surprised. I mean, honestly, like we'd gain respect with just one interview? Instead of what could have been an incredible way to show off what we do, we were told over and over again we write "Mommy Porn."


Sorry, I'm not a "mommy" in their terms. Meaning I don't think my place is in the kitchen or by my husband's side, only doing what he says and being happy that he lets me have a voice every once in a while. I don't think that because I'm a woman I should surprise people that I have a brain. Sorry, people, I'm smarter than that. I have degrees, years in colleges, papers in my name in the scientific and mathematics communities. I've earned awards and grants for my research and my teaching. I've been voted favorite teacher and loved teaching chemistry.

That's right, boys, I taught SCIENCE.

I'm not your "mommy." Stop putting me in a corner. Stop trying to shove women in a box because *gasp* they do things on their own and have their own ideas.

I for sure don't write porn.

Porn is for the use of titillation as author Lauren Dane said HERE. I work hours a day coming up with plot, character development, and romance. I don't spend my day worrying only about sex scenes.
But guess what, just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I can't write about sex.


Yes. I said the word. Get over it. Stop putting me in your little box where the "little woman" doesn't know best.

Erotic Romance isn't "Mommy Porn". It's a story that hinges on something far greater than just what positions the characters are in when they're in the bedroom.

Honestly, CBS, you ruined a great opportunity and used a wonderful author to get there. After saying the word PORN over and over again, even blurring out images, and showing that her children don't really respect it, you let that author say one sentence about what romance authors really do.

One sentence that while it was true, did nothing to stop you from calling it "Mommy Porn" for headlines.

The community the media is ignoring is a vast one that is filled with brilliant women--and men--who are being belittled because they don't conform to your attitudes.

This is nothing new but stop patronizing us that you "finally see" us. You're saying we have no value other than doing something on the side of being a "mommy". Sorry, we're better than that.


  1. Hey Carrie - you are amazing. I was excited to see the interview on CBS with Desiree but after reading what you said; I whole heartedly agree with you. She definitely deserved more support from her kids. She is such an amazing lady and author. Her fans will always support what she does, I know I will. I shared this.

  2. I've seen some comments on Twitter about this, but I don't watch CBS (never have) so I was in the dark about this "Mommy Porn" thing. I won't give them my time by seeking out a replay of the video...I think I get the jist of what was said. All I know is that I am a Mommy, a wife and I love romance with amazing characters, a heart-gripping story and yep, sex scenes. I respect authors who spend their time, share their ideas and craft a story that moves me from my "real life" into a whole other world. I don't see erotic romance as any different than dozens and dozens of "R" rated movies...a great story with emotional and sexual tension and hopefully, a HEA ending. I commend you for putting this post out there. Thank you!

  3. wonderful post Carrie Ann & I whole heartily agree. Putting us in that stupid little corner makes me so mad and I cannot stand when the media does that, but what really gets me is the female anchors that go along with that pisses me off to no end..smh. Anyway, thank you for this post & I love your books and all of the other writers who write in this genre. It along with you guys should be respected not made to be some kind of joke.

    Sharonda <3

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